A not-so-brief hiatus

If you post something that isn’t a blog on your blog, does that make it a blog? It probably doesn’t matter either way.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve not posted here for a few weeks, and I won’t be posting here for a couple of weeks more. This is because (cue dramatic music) I’m getting ready for my viva.

Yep, I’ve been going through five years’ worth of work in as many weeks, trying to commit it all to memory and be able to defend it to people much more experienced than myself. To say I’m panicking would be a slight understatement.

So, no blogs for a little while. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can.


About Alice Nuttall

Alice Nuttall is a caffeine-guzzling knitter who divides her time between Oxford and the various worlds in her head. She is the author of a YA fantasy novel, Spider Circus, and three webcomics, Footloose, Cherry, and Black Market Magic, as well as several short stories.
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