OK, Puppy

I’ve written a couple of times already about my varied and, shall we say, interesting experiences with OK Cupid. I’m having a short break from the dating scene at the moment, so I’ve suspended my profile and had nearly forgotten about it – but I was reminded of it today, and not at all in a way I was expecting.

I love walking, and want to do more of it. I also love animals, and am not allowed any in my current place. So, when I heard about Borrow My Doggy, it sounded perfect. Register with a website and get my own pretend pet for a few hours, whenever I like, with none of the vet bills or the responsibility? Sign me up!


Wanted: Dogs that look like wolves

So, I signed up, giving my details, writing my profile, uploading a photo and selecting what I wanted from this arrangement. It seemed vaguely familiar, but I didn’t spend much time wondering about it. There were too many adorable dogs to look at.

Today, I received my first email from Borrow My Doggy, complete with a list of ‘matches in your area’. Finally, the penny dropped. Borrow My Doggy is OK Cupid, but with dogs instead of romance.

Making this connection set my mind racing. Is the OKCish trend going to continue? Will I need to do a personality test – and what would it look like? (“Question: Who’s a good boy? Accepted answer: You are!”) Am I going to start getting messages that just read “Woof” or “Nice leg, can I hump it?”

And then, what about the future? What’s the protocol when meeting up with a dog you’ve been matched with online? Do you take treats on the first stroll? If you go on a few walks and realise you can’t stand them, how do you let them down gently? Do rejected dogs meet up in the park and yap about getting strayzoned by fickle dogwalkers?

This whole business seems like a social minefield, and to be honest, I’m a little scared. Maybe I should just do things the traditional way – get to know my neighbours and see if any of them have a pup I could take for a walk sometimes. After all, even though times have changed, I’d still feel a bit weird if a stranger asked me where I got my dog and I had to admit that we’d met through the Internet.


Alice’s books are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Her webcomic, co-created and illustrated by Emily Brady, can be found at the Footloose website. Ally rambles about writing, feminism, and odd questions that cross her mind on Twitter and Facebook. Surprisingly, she doesn’t talk that much about dogs.


About Alice Nuttall

Alice Nuttall is a caffeine-guzzling knitter who divides her time between Oxford and the various worlds in her head. She is the author of a YA fantasy novel, Spider Circus, and three webcomics, Footloose, Cherry, and Black Market Magic, as well as several short stories.
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2 Responses to OK, Puppy

  1. shepline says:

    I’d still feel a bit weird if a stranger asked me where I got my dog and I had to admit that we’d met through the Internet

    Brilliant! 🙂

  2. delphina2k says:

    I was totally on board with this concept until I hit their website’s wall of awful (pawful?) doggy puns.

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