Work in Progress: Writing Sigyn, Post Seven – Freewriting

It’s no secret to anyone who’s read any of my previous blogs on Sigyn that I’ve been finding this book more than a tad difficult to write. A few days ago, I cracked and sent a wailful email to my editor at The Golden Egg Academy, where I moaned about how the block wasn’t going away and I didn’t know how to make it.

My editor is brilliant, and made loads of really useful suggestions. The one I’ve been trying most often is freewriting, so I thought I’d blog about that.

Freewriting is when you set yourself a certain amount of time – I’m currently going for fifteen minutes – and write about anything. Absolutely anything. No editing, no going back, no ideas in advance. Just writing about whatever you want, for that set period of time.

I’ve done freewriting before, and it’s often turned into the usual kind of navel-gazing I do in my notebook/diary/horcrux – but this time, it’s proving really useful in getting into the head of my antagonist, Freya, who’s the weak point in my current story drafts. A week of freewriting on Freya, and I now know what she wants and why she does the things she does – which, I imagine, will be at least a little important when it comes to writing her.

There are no quick fixes in writing, but freewriting is a good way to get back into treating it as…well, writing, rather than some kind of administrative process. If you’re blocked, I’d recommend it – it’s a brilliant way to warm up your brain and get the words going again.


About Alice Nuttall

Alice Nuttall is a caffeine-guzzling knitter who divides her time between Oxford and the various worlds in her head. She is the author of a YA fantasy novel, Spider Circus, and three webcomics, Footloose, Cherry, and Black Market Magic, as well as several short stories.
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