Books and Stories

Alice Nuttall is a tea-swilling, lindy-hopping, perpetual student who lives in an attic in Oxford. She has been writing since she could hold a pen, and currently divides her time between working on her novel, finishing her thesis, and unjamming photocopiers. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter (warning: contains occasional swearing, angry rants, and lots of tweets about food).

Spider Circus

spider circus

After an argument with her mother, Lizzie McCoy runs away and joins a circus – but instead of travelling to different towns, she soon finds that this particular circus moves between worlds. In her new role as wiredancer, Lizzie sees magic, dragons and predatory horses, and finds that the Ringmaster Jack is running more than just a show. Available to download from Amazon and Smashwords.

Also from the universe of Spider CircusWild Horses, a short side story.

Free Gifts

free gifts copy

In this short story, a kid on a paper round has to make a very strange delivery. Available from Smashwords, and completely free!

Daisy’s Demons

daisy's demons copy

Daisy always seemed a little different, but her best friend didn’t realise how different until she stayed over one night. A short horror story about why you really should be afraid of the dark, available free from Smashwords.


sanctuary copy

Shelver Anna is woken in the night to sort out a major bookslide in her library. However, she soon finds that the event was no accident, and that it’s not only books that have been buried… Available free from Smashwords.



Meet Keti Jones, a not-so-ordinary girl whose parents send her to school in Faerieland. Here, she becomes best friends with two werewolves, gets a serious crush on an elf, and learns to fight…using shoes.


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