Any questions?

This blog was originally meant to be a place for me to post about my writing. That’s still a large chunk of it, but I also like to talk about social justice, geeky interests, life, the universe and everything – usually through the lens of stories, because that’s how I see the world.

Some of my posts will be about stories I’m working on or things I’ve been up to. Some will be reviews of books and films, or musings about ways particular stories have made me think about certain things. Occasionally, when I get very angry, I Hulk out and rage about why people treat other people so badly and can they please stop.

The emails I get are almost always automated notifications for other things, and that makes me sad. Drop me a line at!

I’m also on Twitter as @Ally_Nuttall, where I chat about writing, books, feminism, food, and whatever strange thoughts drift into my head.

And, finally, Alice Nuttall Books has a Facebook group, where writing updates will be posted semi-regularly.


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